Windows 11: Major Update Arrives and How to Use the New Features

February 22, 2022
windows 11: major update arrives and how to use the new features


Windows 11 update is different from Windows 10. It features a different look from the start menu and the taskbar appears at the center bottom of the screen, earlier in Windows 10, it was on the left side. It is the biggest change as a visual interface between the two windows. This change appears to the user in an instant, which reminds the user of various other new features further to look for.

In Windows 11 first major update, users can download Android apps on a PC.

To download, the user has to Open the Microsoft app and the Amazon App Store, the app is to be downloaded. When Amazon Appstore is downloaded, the user has to sign in to their Amazon account; there will be multiple apps that will appear. Select the app to be downloaded and the get button needs to be clicked to download the app. The computer must have enough memory to support the apps.

 Features In Windows 11 Update

  • Widgets

Windows 11 new features include widgets in its interface. These widgets pop up in a slide form to show different icons like news, calendar, notes, gallery, and weather. Windows 10 update also includes features like interests and news.

How to use the new features: In the taskbar, the user can locate the button for widgets, at a click, a panel slides on the left-hand side of the screen showing widgets, and different widgets can be used at a click. The size of the screen can also be expanded.

  • Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 11 update includes Microsoft Teams in Windows 11. Users can share a window with the other user and can also mute them right from the taskbar. It allows users to switch between various apps in the middle of the work.

Sharing a window from the Taskbar in Microsoft Teams software – By clicking on the application icon in the Taskbar user can select share screen or share window, and then after confirming, it will share the screen.

Enabled Mute and unmute function in Microsoft Teams- The new Windows 11 update helps to mute and unmute from the taskbar just by locating the microphone icon and clicking on the mute and unmute option.

  • Notepad With Dark Mode

To take a quick note of important things, the Windows 11 update incorporates a newly designed Windows app. It has a new feature of dark mode, which makes writing easier for the user as they can choose between light and dark settings. It has the ability to undo the mistakes several times as it has multiple times the undo option. Windows 11 new features also have a find and replace option included in it.

Using Dark mode in Notepad- In Windows 11 update if the theme is default selected as Dark mode, then there will be an automatic switch towards Dark Mode. In order to enable the dark mode, the user has to go to Settings>App>Theme> Select Dark. The Notepad app will automatically switch between themes in some time.

  • Virtual Desktops

Windows 11 new features help in creating separate virtual desktops. A separate virtual desktop can be customized as per user needs, they can use it for their work purpose, schooling, and gaming, and at their comfort level can switch between desktops. It is the same as the macOS desktop feature.

Using this feature in the Windows 11 update- By clicking on the desktop button in the Taskbar, the panel will appear with the current desktop settings. By clicking on the plus button in the new desktop area a new desktop can be created, and then by clicking on X the user can remove the new desktop.

  • Windows Media Player is Redesigned in Windows 11

It replaces Groove Music in the Windows 11 update. The music library can be managed by adding files to it. All the media files on the computer will be shown in the music library.

How to use this new feature- For this Microsoft Store app needs to be opened, click on the library icon in the bottom left corner, further the update button needs to be clicked. After these, the newly redesigned Windows Media Player will be shown on the screen.

  • Snap Layouts

When numbers of windows are open while working, Windows 11 has a feature to arrange them in multiple styles of layouts on screen, windows will save files in a particular arrangement.

How to use this new feature- When Windows 11 is opened, the button can be seen in the top right corner. This button is in between the minimum and X buttons on the screen. It looks like a square button on the screen. By clicking that, the different layouts can be seen, and a layout needed can be selected and positioned on the window.

  • Snap Groups

Snap Groups are the open windows saved in the snap layout, these snap groups are found in the taskbar for easy access to call up again, and they can be minimized and maximized as a group.

How to use this new feature- Move the mouse over the browser in the taskbar. There will be a number of different apps that are created. The one group that needs to be opened can be clicked.

  • Video Chat Platform

Windows 11 update includes a video chat platform in its system. Another user can be connected in Teams across various platforms like Windows, and Android. It makes easier access for users on their daily usage.

How to use this new feature: The team’s icon is shown in the taskbar. It can be clicked to start a chat tool; users can use this tool to message, voice call, or video call any one of their clients.

Final Words

Windows 11 is a great change from Windows 10 in its design; the two windows have a similar operating system. There are new and good changes for today’s generation requiring comfortable features to be used. It is a free upgrade from Windows 10 following a few steps. The upgrade can only be done if the system meets the specific requirements.