What is Virtual and Augmented Reality and Its Use

October 12, 2021
what is virtual and augmented reality and its use

What is Virtual Reality?

The word virtual Reality is derived from the two words that are virtual and Reality. Virtual reality means the world that is near to reality. Reality is actually what we as human beings experience in the real world around us. Virtual reality is referred to as reality emulation. Virtual Reality means we are present in a computer environment.

It is simulating the class by means of technology. The real world is where we are actually present with our body, mind, and soul and Virtual Reality is a simulation of the real world by using computers and headsets. This virtual world trains a lot of people like pilots, surgeons, and soldiers.

Uses of Virtual Reality

  • VR Use in Sport

Virtual Reality is being used to train the people involved in the sports Industry. Through VR technology coaches can visualize the actual situations a number of times and can learn from this training. Actual gameplay scenarios can be viewed by the players. Nowadays tickets are available to watch live games in virtual reality. By this number of players can watch the live event of the sport remotely.

  • In Military

This technology is being used in training for the military by means of simulators. Through this trainees are being transported to different kinds of situations and environments for their training. It has been used in the Army, Air Force, and Marines. By means of electronic devices, there can be a number of training like flight simulations, vehicle simulations; boxing simulations. VR is a replication of actual training to the soldiers in a safe environment without any harm to the soldiers. It is a completely visualized and sound-based experience for the trainees.

  • Medical Training

Medical students are practicing different procedures and surgeries with the help of VR. By using Virtual patients, different skills learned by the medical students. Dental students without causing harm to actual patients can learn through this advanced technology. It is also an economical way of training whereas actual live training scenarios would be costlier.

  • In Education

VR technology nowadays is being used for educating children by taking them to museums, that is virtual trips. Children with special needs can benefit from this technology as they can enhance their social skills in a safe environment, whereas it would be difficult for them to get an education in the actual place of study with normal children.

  • In Treating Mental Stress

VR technology is used for treating depression, anxiety, and mental stress. Virtual Reality helps patients to come close to the environment which they fear. Patients can recover from their problems of mental stress by remaining in a safe environment that is their home itself and getting treated.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is trending nowadays as artificial intelligence. It is the experience of the real world through digital technology visual aids and sound systems. Augmented reality is termed as an interactive experience of the real world. The objects that are there in the actual world are shown by a computerized way of perception.

With this augmented reality we feel as if the things are actually there with us. The new technological devices help us visualize the digital world in the exact way we are present there.  With the help of Augmented Reality through cameras we can see things in actual form in your space.

Augmented Reality Application

It assists to visualize the real-life experience by actually not being present there physically. For example, football broadcasters can use this technology to draw lines on the actual field to analyze the play, AR application is also provided by IKEA which assists customers in viewing how the furniture fits in their personal space.

Augmented Reality Applications and Their Uses

  • AR Glasses

Smart AR glasses are available in the market which combines the real world with the virtual world. These glasses are available in different sizes and shapes which provides for reality enhancement.

  • AR in the Entertainment Industry

Augmented reality is used in entertainment which allows the audience to view the show actively instead of being a passive spectator. AR helps in interaction by combining the real and virtual worlds. In this game, players can feel the game characters in their real world on their sidewalks like Pokemon.

  • AR in Classroom Education

Augmented Reality teaches students. It helps students in exploring volcanoes located in different geographical areas with the help of Google Earth which is an AR application. This application provides for searching, rotating, and zooming Google Earth.

  • AR in the Medical Field

By the use of AR in the Medical field that is medical imaging, patients at far ends can be analyzed by the experts and can suggest the treatment for the same. This diagnosis can be performed by neurologists, chemotherapists, and various other professional doctors.

  • AR in Your Mobiles

AR technology in mobiles gives the real experience to the people for visualizing what they have dreamt of. They can go to the actual destination to visit the place which in reality was not possible. By downloading the Application on mobiles users can measure the dimensions of different furniture kept in their house that as pillows, tables, sofas, etc.

  • Use for Travel and Tourism

AR-based applications can help you to plan your travel well in advance by showing the places to visit through apps. Such Apps are Smartify, World around me, etc. Just by sitting at your home, you can locate Temples, ATMs, and gas stations through AR-based applications.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Difference

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have certain similarities but they are different. Both give real-world experiences. In VR an individual experiences the virtual world through the Headset, but in AR an individual sees things in his own personal environment. For example, Ikea offers its customers to visualize furniture in their own space through AR application. A person having VR experiences things through the headsets, and AR enables things in individual spaces.