Top Surprising Hidden iOS 16 Features Will Blow Your Mind

October 12, 2022
top surprising hidden ios 16 features will blow your mind

iOS 16 has come into the market with its new updated feature that the user will love to use. Those having used iPhone 14 can find its numerous new features like doing Airpod settings, sharing wifi passwords, finding duplicate photos and freeing up memory space, stopping ending up calls accidentally with iOS 16, and many more. iOS 16 is an important release for many people waiting for its new features.

1. Stop Accidentally Ending Calls

Now you can solve the problem of auto disconnecting the calls by accidentally pressing the power button with Apple iOS 16. Apple users have faced the problem of ending a call with the power button. This feature can be disabled by going to settings>Accessibility>Touch>Selecting lock to End Call.

2. AirPods Settings are now Available

Earlier Airpods did not have a separate section to manage Airpods in settings. Now there is an easy way to manage the AirPods in iOS 16. Airpods can be customized in iOS 16. In settings, there is a separate tab under the iCloud name when Airpods are being connected to iPhones.

3. Currency Conversion Through Camera

Earlier we used the internet to convert currency. This could be troublesome if a user is not on the internet or is traveling somewhere. In iOS 16, currency can be converted from the camera itself, there is no requirement for checking for currency value on the net.

For this, a person can open the camera app, scanning can be done on the amount and the convert icon can be pressed on the left side at the bottom. It will show the currency value.

4. Hold to Delete a Contact with iOS 16

Now with iOS 16, users can easily delete the contact on their iPhones. Deleting contacts on the iPhone was a troublesome task for users, earlier they had to go to the editing option for deleting any of the contacts in the list.

For this users need to open contacts, select the contact they want to delete, hold the contact, and then select delete the contact. iOS 16 has made this task simple for their users.

5. Hidden Albums and Recently Deleted Photos Can be Locked

Images that are recently deleted move to the hidden and recently deleted album. Now with iOS 16 features this hidden and recently deleted album can only be opened with an iPhone password and face Id. It requires authentication from the owner and doesn’t let anyone open the folder. This can be done from settings.

For this user phone must have a lock screen passcode then the user can go to settings>Photos>use a passcode. This option for the passcode needs to be turned on by the user.

iOS 16 features

6. See Your Wi-Fi Passwords

Need to share your wifi passwords with someone else and you have forgotten what wifi password you have set for your device. Now you need not worry about the new iOS 16 feature, wifi passwords can be seen in the form of text on your device and this password can be shared with whom you want to share and wherever you may be. It can be seen by following these steps:

By opening settings and going to the Wifi tab. Go to the info tab next to it. It will show a screen with some information. After proving your identity, you can see the password that can be copied and shared with others.

7. Finding Duplicate Photos with iOS16

With finding duplicate photos space can be made accessible on iPhone for more memories. There is a new feature in iOS 16. It helps in finding duplicate photos on the iPhone. While finding duplicate photos, the iPhone retains the best click.

Several clicks are done to take a perfect picture and all these clicks are left in the phone itself. These duplicate photos of the same type take up additional space in the iPhone.

Here we can locate duplicate clicks: Open Photos>Albums>Select Duplicates>Tap Merge>Merge Duplicates

8. Deleted Chat Messages

Some people have a habit of deleting messages, if, by any chance you require the deleted message, such messages can be recovered. With iOS 16 deleted messages can be recovered. Such messages are there in the folder Recently deleted in the Message Application.

It can be done by opening the Message App>Click on Filters Tab>Select Recently deleted. The message remains here only for 30 days and then these are permanently deleted.

9. Haptic Feedback on iPhone

In iOS 16, the built-in keyboard you can get haptic feedback when you type text. Earlier with iOS 15, it was possible by downloading Gboard third-party keyboard. One can enable this by Clicking on settings>Tap Sound & Haptics>Scroll down at the bottom select Keyboard Feedback>Tap on Haptic. This feature is not yet present on iPad.

10. Call Hang-Up with Siri

With iOS 16 there is a feature for calling Hang-up with Siri, which means you can ask Siri to end the call. To enable this feature, the user needs to open the settings and has to open the Siri and search menu>settings>turning on call hang up. the other party on the call hears you asking for the call to hang up.

11. Ability to Unsend the Message to the Wrong Contact

Sometimes there is a tendency when the user communicates with two people simultaneously; the message is sent to the wrong contact. Now with iOS 16, users can unsend a message. The user can unsend a message only within 5 minutes; for this, the message recipient must also be on iOS 16.

For this Open message>Conversation>hold the message that needs to be unsend>tap undo send.

These are some of the features that users can notice in their iPhones and they can customize these as per personal requirements. Most users can get an instant update through the short and precise details of the iOS 16 updated features.