Top Innovative Business Startup Ideas for Beginners

January 7, 2022
top innovative business startup ideas for beginners

Business Startup Ideas

There are numerous business ideas that can be started by individuals. One should start with the market segment that one wants to target. This will make it easier to decide on the right business startup ideas. Business ideas should not be for everyone but should be for specific market segments.

  • Virtual E-learning

Online Education is a kind of distance learning that is learning of course without going to boarding schools, college, or university. The Education Industry had its business of online teaching for decades, but the rise of the pandemic in recent years has given a boom to this E-learning Business. So many new companies have grown up their business during these years like Akash Byju’s, UpGrad, Vedantu, etc. There has been a 200% increase in new students during this year the pandemic. Online Learning by means of technology is a new business startup idea for professionals to start their Business venture.

  • Remote Working

Remote working is in which employees work from their home location or any other location. This location can be any place outside the actual official workplace. Remote employees perform their tasks and projects from wherever they want to. Post Covid-19 also employers are incorporating remote work. It has become a great way of earning from home for those who cannot go to the office.

  • Creating Online Courses

A lot of effort is put into creating online content, and this can be sold off and money can be earned by selling online content. Online content creation could be related to creating online courses by uploading videos with detailed explanations. It could be related to any area i.e. course material for study, new blogs for food recipes, baker’s blogs, online dance classes, and yoga classes. Creating unique content and then selling it is a great way to earn by increasing the number of subscribers over a period of time. Google ads are also used to monetize the content. Platforms like Udemy, and Skillshare allow you to make money by creating online courses.

Freelance Content Writer

  • Freelance Content Writer

If you are willing to start a business with no investment, you can be a paid content writer. This is creating content for professionals who don’t have time to write on their own. It can be a good way to earn money by creating content for those who require it. This working as a Freelance content writer can be done with zero investment. E-books can also be written and sold online.

  • Application Development/Web Designer

App Development is the creation of applications that can be used on various devices. Web development and designing is the task of making websites and maintaining them to run on a browser. Money could be earned by designing applications for customer support. If there are technical skills to create an app one can start a business by selling the app. This Development business is profitable but it requires a good amount of time and effort. A number of factors will determine the success of Website development or application development.

  • E-Commerce Acceleration

Online businesses have been in existence for a number of years and people used to shop for things from different Apps from the comfort of their homes. However, the pandemic had a severe impact on almost all businesses except the essentials. It gave rise to E-commerce acceleration and people had an idea of making their retail business online. A number of businessmen had started a new startup of showing all their products through virtual mode and then delivering the same to the customer. It increased the number of customers to the business while giving more profits.

  • On-Demand Customized Orders

Custom order preparation is at the customer’s request as per his demands of flavor, taste, and preferences. It is the preparation of special orders which requires extra time. Customized cake as demanded by the customer. E.g. photo cake. The products are searched online on an app by sitting at home. These services can be any whether it is electrical service, home cleaning, or getting food delivered to our doorstep. There is a lot of competition in this industry and ratings are given to the service provider by the customers on the app.

Personalized Services

  • Personalized Services

This is giving customer services as per their needs and demands at their place, via phone call, or through Google Meet. It makes a person feel more comfortable by getting service at their own personal space preference e.g.: service by a personal gym trainer, personal dietician, and grooming services at home as per customer demand. It has also become a trending business startup idea for providing personalized service.

  • VR World

The Virtual Reality world includes both the real world and an artificial world. Through virtual reality, an artificial environment is being created. But this artificial experience feels as if we are actually in the real world. For example: if we are playing boxing in a VR world, we would experience the pain of boxing punches and it would feel as if we are actually playing that match. This virtual reality world is a good business startup idea to make people feel the actual experience through VR equipment.

  • Health Monitoring and maintaining

Many apps are developed by people related to health. As covid-19 has created awareness of health and its value. Apps can be created to help monitor people’s daily lifestyles, eating habits, running schedules, etc.

  •  Food Business on Wheels

For this person has to make some investment initially to start his venture, firstly the right kind of vehicle is to be chosen for selling food, and then the appropriate location where the food is to be offered to the customers. This business requires a license and permit to be taken from authorities. Raw materials and equipment are required for food preparation. This business startup idea can be run by one or two persons with good profit if it becomes a success.

Dropshipping Business

  • Dropshipping Business

It is a business that allows you to sell the products without actually maintaining inventory of the same. The products are sold online by the retailer to the customer by passing an order to the third party, and the order is shipped by the third party. The advantage of this business is there is no large investment and stock is not maintained by the seller. A large variety of products can be sold by retailers through dropshipping contracts as the retailers themselves don’t have to maintain their stock. It is the trending business concept used by many retailers.


Why should a person work for someone else? If a self-owned startup can give enough profits then a person should be working for his own business. Profits should be self-earned and put in one’s own pocket. There are numerous options for people to start their own startup from a small level with less investment. People can start their small-scale businesses by designing personalized gifts, starting a dropshipping business, being a freelancer, starting a food business, and teaching their skills to someone who requires it. Hope that you have got enough ideas to start a business of your own and be your own boss.