Top 10 Creative Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners

January 25, 2022
top 10 creative ways to make money online for beginners

Recent years and the pandemic have given more importance to the concept of working from home and making money online. People are much more evolved in the concept of earning money from home. Through the Internet, one can register on various websites and get work through their professional skills. A number of creative ideas can help individuals to make money online.

Earnings can be done through different business types that are service-based or product based. Service-based in which service is being offered through freelancing by filling out online surveys or writing content. Product-based is when a product is being sold online through Amazon, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, etc.

1. Filling Out Online Surveys

One can make money online by filling out surveys for different companies and their products. There are a number of companies that pay for surveys and provide an option to earn money from home. The amount paid for each survey is very less. To make the most out one can sign up for different research companies’ surveys and fill all the surveys that come their way for getting it filled as if the person is doing a job for it.

Online surveys can be done by creating an email account that can be used only for filling out surveys to make money online. A separate email account will help the person to easily locate the work and stay organized with it. To earn a maximum one should register himself for different companies.

A person must ensure each survey is filled at any amount offered and adequate work time is allocated each day for performing the task of filling online surveys. Numbers of companies are available to make money online through surveys like Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, Toluna, and many more.

2. YouTube Videos

One of the best ways to monetize your skills is if you are fluent in speaking, it can be any language, you can create your own YouTube videos by your own YouTube channel choosing the content that is to be provided. Money on YouTube can be earned by Advertising revenue through ads, and channel payments made to you for the content that is provided by you.


3. Online Tutoring

If you are a subject expert and want to earn money from home, then the right way for you is to provide online tuition classes. Students especially abroad are looking for online classes for Indian subjects like Hindi or any other native language, for which experts are not available there. You can provide online classes for other subjects like English, Science, and Math which require technical skills, and can earn money from home.

People can sign up on websites to provide online classes like Byju, Udemy, etc. The market for online tutoring has been at its boom since the time of the pandemic in these years. One can make money online fast through these classes.

4. Be a Freelancer

One can work as a freelancer in a number of domains from editing, writing, social media management, SOP writer, data entry, etc. People can sign up on various portals like People Per Hour, Guru, Upwork, freelancer, and Fiverr to earn money online. Companies are outsourcing work from outside. One can fill their specialized areas by doing freelancing work to make money online.

5. Start Blogging

Blogging can also be helpful to make money online by building followers who like reading your blogs. It can be done by sharing content in your blogs. Blogs can be related to any particular niche of your interest. There are numerous ideas like blogs related to lifestyle, tourism, and restaurants in different areas.

Blogging is a great idea to make money online but it takes time to pay off. Blogs can be related to sharing your passion, skills, and life experience, or providing education to the readers on a particular topic. Money can be earned by promoting a brand in the blog content.

Be a Translator

6. Be a Translator

You can be a translator if you know multiple languages. Money can be earned online by converting content into multiple languages. The payment is made per word and it ranges from one rupee to five rupee depending on the language of translation.

Such work can be found on a number of websites like Upwork, freelancer, etc. In this world of globalization, there is a demand for the translation of content to multiple languages from voice messages to subtitles.

7. Investment in Stocks

To make money online one can invest in stocks. Investment in stocks can be done by opening a trading account. This method of making money online involves an investment to be made initially. A cost is to be incurred for opening a trading account. An account can be opened just by downloading an app and registering yourself.

When investment is made by purchasing shares of a company an increase in the value of shares consequently will help you to earn in the form of dividends by the company. This way of making money online has a risk attached to it, as earnings depend on the company’s growth.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. This method works when there is a huge fan following and subscribers on social media platforms be it Facebook, Instagram, or through a blog. In this, an individual becomes an affiliate to a particular brand and the product promotion is done by them by giving a link in the description box or by a particular code.

As people purchase the product through your link or promotional code, a commission would be earned. This commission amount depends upon the product that is being sold. More the purchases made by a given link, more the earnings. Affiliate marketing can also be done through various groups like WhatsApp, groups on Facebook, etc.


9. Sale Products on Amazon

Amazon is a global marketplace. One can earn money online by selling products on Amazon easily by signing up and listing its product. Amazon has a large number of customers. Amazon helps in attracting buyers of the product that you offer. Selling the products on Amazon is a great way to make money online.

10. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is also one of the ways to do business without maintaining an inventory of goods. When an order is placed by a customer, shipping is done by a third party. It’s a good way to make money online for beginners without investment and shipping costs. Dropshippers can provide large varieties of products as they don’t have to stock anything and can deal in a number of goods.


A number of ways are provided to make money online, including filling out online surveys, doing freelancing work without investment, promoting other brands through affiliate marketing, being a blogger, investing in stocks, selling products on Amazon, and starting a dropshipping business. Different methods to make money online are available and it is a complete choice of an individual according to their interest they can choose a way to make money online.

Different ways to make money online have different payoffs and time spans to start making money. So start working on an idea to monetize the most of your time by making sure you are making the most of your extra time.