PC vs. Mac: Choose Best & The Right Operating System For You

February 28, 2022
pc vs. mac: choose best & the right operating system for you

In the smartphone market, we have Android and iOS, in the personal computer, the market consists of Microsoft and Apple. It is a battle of technology and brand that will continue to prevail as customers have a different loyalty for PC vs. Mac. Buyers should see the difference between two PC vs. Mac rationally to choose the right option for purchase. Macs are designed by Apple and PCs are designed by several companies. Mac as a buying option is very expensive than PCs but in terms of quality, Mac is always stylish and more reliable.

If you need to decide an option between two for purchase, a rational decision has to be taken, keeping into consideration the important facts of the difference between the PC vs. Mac.

PC vs. Mac: Operating System

An operating system is the main and important difference between the PC vs. Mac. Mac computers have the macOS, while the PC has the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Windows is considered to be the best operating system for Gaming due to its hardware and developer support, whereas macOS is slowly catching up in gaming.


The design and style for Mac and PC are different. macOS uses soft edges for its application. Windows user interface can change between various applications. In terms of graphic design, users have many reasons to choose Mac over Pc, and are being widely adopted by several users for its quality.

Security Features

Windows are generally less protected as compared to the macOS for several years it has been observed that Windows has been seen for ransomware and malware attacks in comparison to macOS. Windows has numerous users, which makes it more vulnerable to attacks. Both Mac and PC have measures to overcome these attacks, and the same has been updated to prevent attacks. But macOS is observed to be much safer, as Apple has control over its hardware and software design and has its inbuilt security features.


Different users have different preferences between the Mac and PC. If given the topic for debate, it can get worse for the arguments. Mac users argue for security, its design, and its functions, whereas Windows users support its economical price, software compatibility, and choice among various companies. Apple laptops cost more than PCs. Using Apple iPhones and Air pods represents a status symbol for an individual.


Mac is not available in most of the outlets where we do get PC. Apple is very particular about selling its product; it has opened its stores in many large populated countries. But windows are available in many stores online.


Configurations in the market for Mac are limited to MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro. Apple provides less variety as a sign of a qualitative approach to its product, whereas PC comes with a large variety of different shapes and sizes. These PCs are available under different brand names like Asus, Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung, and all these companies offer different configurations for their model pc and laptop. It is a benefit for customers as they can find the right products as per their requirements for configuration.


The software market for MAC is far less than compared to other counterparts. One of the main reasons for such lag is the fact that Apple declines developers from their platform. Apple’s approach was changed in the late 2000s when the company provided confidence to the developer community. For gaming, people have more preference for Windows PC as there is more choice for its software. The gap between Mac and Pc is reduced post-2010.

Technical Specifications

Earlier Mac machines used to run with Motorola 68000 processors. The Mac was made compatible to be used with Intel Processors. This would mean that Mac machines would work with the same series of processors as Windows. Quite recently, it was announced by Apple that it would be migrating to its own set of processor series M1, with integrated graphics capabilities. Both Windows and Mac come with standard inputs for HDMI and USB ports, except for the USB-C connector on Mac laptops. MAC doesn’t provide touchscreen-based machines, unlike Windows has provided such a feature.


Macs are much more costly than PCs with almost the same configuration. Each system Mac or PC is preinstalled with different types of software. For virus protection, the customer has to download/install additional software for either Mac or PC. Purchasing a PC vs. Mac depends on the customer’s needs. If buying a laptop is just required for surfing the web and for MS Word then a Mac purchase cannot be justified for this, the customer can purchase among several PC brands available that are less expensive than Mac.

Customer Satisfaction

Apple has a good reputation among its users for having good customer service for its products. PC users can get a third-party repair service or can also call technicians for tech support. Mac users get in personal technical support from technicians at a help desk known as a genius bar in an Apple Store.

Conclusion To This Hot Topic

PC and Macs have their unique qualitative features. PCs can be upgraded by customers themselves and come with many brand options, but Mac is only provided by Apple and Mac cannot be upgraded by customers themselves. From this article above, one can get knowledge about the pros and cons of buying a PC vs. a Mac.

Users can depict their requirements before making the purchase and also consider their budget as Macs are always costly. PCs are more prone to viruses and have more tendencies to get hacked. Any kind of computer runs smoothly when they have a certain percentage of free space in its hard drive. PCs using Windows are slower compared to macOS, as the users are more in the case of PCs.