How To Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Network and Boost Internet Speed?

February 14, 2023
how to upgrade your wi-fi network and boost internet speed?

Slow wifi connection cannot be tolerated by anyone in the era of digitalization. Today the demand for the internet has increased. Life seems to be impossible without the fastest Wi-Fi connection. Be it office work, zoom meetings, watching prime videos or Netflix, playing nursery rhymes on Youtube, fire TV, smart camera, or online education, Wifi connectivity is crucial. The fastest wifi network with no buffering time is the demand every hour.

Creeping internet speed can irritate users. Work seems to be almost impossible with a slow Wifi connection. A lot of time can be wasted on buffering. These inconveniences become major obstacles in completing tasks.

Users can upgrade the internet speed on their wifi connection and boost up the speed of Wifi router by following below explained few steps:

How to Upgrade Internet Speed?

1. Router to be centralized and leveled up

Ideally, a router is to be located in the center place so that all the areas of the premise get its connectivity. A router should be kept at a higher position and not placed at a low level. Obstructions near the router like walls, doors, and furniture can affect its connectivity and have signal issues

To maximize wifi connectivity in a place it’s necessary to mount the router or keep it at a higher place. The router should have an elevated position, and not be kept on the floor. A much higher position provides better signal and coverage in most of the areas of your place. Even this router should be away from the walls and the windows, to avoid any obstruction in the Wifi signal. On multiple-storey building routers near the ceiling provides better connectivity.

2. Switch off the router for a few seconds

Connection issues can be fixed by switching off the wifi plug for some time and then turning it on after a few seconds. By this troubleshooting can be done. It can often fix any issues faced by slow wifi connectivity.

If a problem is faced on any particular device, then turning on/off wifi on that device can fix up the issue with the related device. Switching off the power of your networking device can make its signal better. Regular equipment must be rebooted every fortnight or a month for better performance.

5G Technology

3. Switch to a higher frequency 5GHz

There are two frequencies provided by the router for wifi speed that is 2.4GHz and 5GHz  bands. Higher frequency is for high speed. Users should set up these varying speeds for their Wifi if there are multiple gadgets operating on their Wifi. This frequency affects the speed and Wifi signal strength at varying distances from the router.

Operating all the electronics on one frequency band can make it crowded. To boost your internet speed and cut down network drop-off at different times, either one should switch to a higher frequency band or if the option is there to have both bands then the user must opt for that.

4. Repositioning the router antennas

Router has two external antennas and internal antennas. Internal antennas are placed inside the router and the user cannot reconfigure it. External antennas above the router can be adjustable. Repositioning these antennas can boost internet speed. Positioning the antennas perpendicularly can increase wireless connectivity. To stretch wifi signals to multiple levels and floors, adjusting the antenna can give signals at various floor levels.

5. Installing adapters at various ends

Living in a large space area where you cannot centralize your router, the user has to install a network adapter in the area to resolve connectivity problems and get a signal at most of the places of the house.

An adapter can be plugged into any socket near your router and connected through an Ethernet cable. The second adapter can be plugged into another spare socket where internet connectivity is needed and can be connected to the device via an Ethernet cable. Adapters are easily installable and useable.

6. Adding up security to WI-FI

The network left open without any security feature makes it more vulnerable. It can slow down your Wifi network. Users need to add passwords to their Wifi connection. This saves your data and protects your connection by not allowing anyone to do online streaming by using your network. For this users can log in to the router’s admin page and can sign in and add password security to their Wifi.

Secure Wifi network

7. Disconnect Unused Devices

A large number of smart devices connected to Wifi can create problems in giving high wifi speed. If the user is facing a problem in getting adequate speed or video is taking a lot of time in streaming then devices that do not require internet their wifi connectivity should be turned off. This is a smart way to keep control of the devices which are using Wifi connectivity.

8. User can upgrade their router

Probably if your router is too old, then that can be a bottleneck that is giving you slow speed. User is paying for high speed and is not getting speed as per their expectancy then router upgradation can be the solution. Routers that get old for over 5 years do not support higher internet speed; this is the time to upgrade your router.

9. Check up on the gadget

If the problem persists on any of the particular devices and the majority of the other devices seem to have fine internet connectivity. Then that particular device needs to be checked. Applications that are open and are no longer required could be turned off to fix the issue. The device can be turned off/on to see if the issue gets resolved. Device software upgradation can also be done to fix the issue.

10. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If everything that you tried from the above-given options and still all fails then the last resort is to contact your ISP. It can save a lot of time in being frustrated further with the issue of slow Wifi. Perhaps now your ISP can only resolve your issue. The best solution is given by them. They will help in diagnosing the issue and resolving the same.


Hope the above points are clear enough to fix any wifi connectivity issues. The above details will definitely help users in fixing their problems. Depending on the user’s problem one can fix the problem by adopting any of the above methods to boost internet speed.