Top Best Plagiarism Checker Tools To Use In 2022 and Beyond

December 25, 2021
top best plagiarism checker tools to use in 2022 and beyond

“Content is King”

Bill Gates quoted this statement in 1996 when digital marketing was unknown thing for most people. He sees the Internet’s future as a market platform for content. His saying has become increasingly popular due to the increased attention to content marketing methods and for this everyone should know about the plagiarism checker tools. He sees the Internet’s future as a platform for content.

A fine piece of content needs creativity, grammar knowledge, an impactful essay introduction, and in-depth insight into the topic. What if someone just copy and paste your ideas by altering just a few words? Here comes the problem of plagiarism. In order to tackle this problem, you need the best plagiarism checker tool. How to figure out a suitable checker is also a challenge. Therefore, we are here to assist you with some useful options below.

Enlisting Productive Tools For Plagiarism Checking

Before making a list, let us clarify that plagiarism checking tools are available in both free and paid categories. Paid tools definitely work more accurately but some free options also serve the purpose. We will introduce you to both options. Let’s start with paid tools to check plagiarism online.

Paid Tools

  • Copyscape

Gideon Greenspan founded Copyscape in 2003, and it is a prominent plagiarism detection service. This tool can help in figuring out if an article’s URL matches an already published content for plagiarism. Essayists can also check for plagiarism by pasting their work into Copyscape.

Copyscape is a valuable tool for managing the health of a website if you put content on it on a regular basis.

  • ProWritingAid

This handy application is a wonderful solution for authors on a small budget who wish to verify their content for plagiarism fast and efficiently. While writing on popular platforms like Scrivener, you can utilize this plagiarism detector to scan your writing. Alternatively, you can just upload an article, essay, or document.

You need to buy credits for optimum utilization of the ProWritingAid tool. It is among the freemium plagiarism checker tools. ProWritingAid’s free trial version is rather limited. In order to use the copyright checker optimally, you must pay $70 for a year’s subscription and buy credits to run a report.

plagiarism checker tools

  • Unicheck

Unicheck is proud of its ability to assist 1 million people from 90+ countries globally. Approximately 2 billion files have been examined through it taking as little as 3-4 seconds. They are among the top solutions for individuals, corporations, and students.

One of these capabilities is a Google Docs plugin that detects plagiarism while you’re writing. This implies that while you type into the Google Docs, Unicheck will indicate references and commonalities at the same time. In the end, this saves more time than you anticipated. Apart from supporting Google Docs, Unicheck also provides Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Add-Ons for your convenience.

  • is a modern plagiarism detection tool equipped with newly introduced features. With high-level security and compliance features as compared to standard writing software, it is designed for business use. Because of its comprehensive collaboration features, is a good alternative for those who collaborate with others for large content writing projects.

It will examine your work for plagiarism, both intentional and unintentional. If discovers content that has been used somewhere else, it will highlight the details along with providing a URL to check.

Free Tools

  • Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a well-known free tool. This application is fantastic because it includes other content-related routines, such as spelling and grammar checks. It’s simple to use. Simply copy/paste or upload a file of your content into the text box provided.

There’s no need to enter an email address or create an account to get the results on this plagiarism checker tool. Just paste your content, execute the process, wait for a few seconds and it’s done! Per search, there is a 1000-word limit, but this isn’t a big deal. Consider it an effective, simple, and free plagiarism checker.

  • Copyleaks

Another very accurate duplicate content analyzer that can provide you with extensive plagiarism information is Copyleaks. Even though it’s free, you’ll need to set up an account, and even then, you’ll only be able to scan 10 pages per month. If you produce multiple contents on a regular basis, this may not be the best solution for you.

You can check the content by adding it using plain text, a URL, or a local file. Having an account provides the added benefit of reopening the previously checked files whenever you like when you create an account.

check plagiarism online

  • Plagiarisma

It is compatible with Windows, Android, and all other currently popular operating systems. It looks for plagiarism in your articles, research papers, coursework, and dissertations. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Scholar, and Books are all supported. More than 190 languages are supported by this program. You can examine your text using a URL, online, or by uploading a file. Simply copy/paste, type new text, enter the URL, or upload a file directly from your computer folder into the appropriate field. Some common file formats supported by this tool are:-


However, there are daily limits on the number of plagiarism tests that can be performed.

  • SmallSEO Tools

The SmallSEO Tools is a set of different applications meant for writers as well as SEO professionals. Its plagiarism checker is available to use for free of cost without even registering. The tool supports .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, and .rtf file formats for uploading. The free version is capable of examining 1000 words in a single process. However, it can further be increased to 30,000 words by subscribing to a premium plan. You can also import content files directly from the cloud storage of Google Drive and OneDrive. Moreover, it is also capable of checking the plagiarism score of an entire URL.

Final Words

If your budget is tight, we recommend using free tools simultaneously to avoid their daily or weekly limitations. If you have already allocated a budget, we recommend Copyscape as the best plagiarism checker tool to consider. It is fast, highly accurate, and affordable for all types of writers.