Fix Your Speaker Phone and Make It Work Better

December 14, 2022
fix your speaker phone and make it work better

You’re a busy person, and you don’t have enough time to waste on your speakerphone. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise your productivity. In fact, it can be really helpful to fix your speaker phone and make it work better. By doing so, you can get more out of your calls and stay focused on what you need to do. Here are some tips for fixing your speakerphone:

How To Fix Your Speaker Phone?

Thinking – How to fix my speaker phone?

If your speakerphone is not working properly, it may be due to a broken Bluetooth connection. To fix this issue, you will need to connect your speaker phone to your computer and reset its settings. Follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your device and open the Bluetooth section.

2. Type in three words that describes how to fix your speaker phone’s Bluetooth connection: “reset” or “connect”.

3. Click on the Reset button.

4. Once reset, your speaker phone should now be working as new.

5. If you have yet to fix your speaker phone’s Bluetooth connection and it still isn’t working correctly, you may need to try resetting it again.

How to Use a Speakerphone More Efficiently?

Setting up speaker phone priorities can help you use your phone more productively. For example, if you want to read a book without wasting time ringing people, set the phone’s priority mode to “read textbooks.” This will let you read the book without having to answer calls.

Use Speaker Phone More Productively

When using a speaker phone, it’s important to be aware of its features and how best to use them. For example, many phones now have voice commands that allow you to control various functions of your phone with your voice. To use these commands effectively, make sure that you know the commands and their corresponding function(s) before initiating the call.

Use a Speakerphone to Read Textbooks

Reading textbooks on speaker phones is an effective way to save time and get through long chapters or sections without interruption. To do this, set the phone’s text-to-speech feature on high priority so that all other calls are canceled while you read the textbook. Additionally, if possible, find a quiet place in which you can read your textbook without being disturbed by others in the room.

How to Improve Speakerphone Use?

One way to improve speaker phone use is by using it more in the evening. By using a speaker phone more effectively during that time, you can save battery life and make calls without having to fumble through your phone.

Use Speaker Phone More Productively in the Morning

Similarly, using a speakerphone more productively in the morning will help you conserve battery life and make calls without having to wait for hours for a call to connect. Additionally, by listening to audiobooks while on speakerphone, you can get lost in a book and not have to worry about how long it will take for your call to connect.

Use a Speaker Phone to Listen to Audio Books

Another great way to use a speakerphone more effectively is by listening to audiobooks while on the go. By reading books on the go, you’ll save time and energy, which can be put towards enjoying other activities or exploring your destination city further than expected. Additionally, many cities offer free or discounted audiobook rentals that can be an excellent option for getting lost in a book while on the go.


Improving speaker phone use can help you more effectively use your device. By using speaker phones in more productive ways, you can improve the overall efficiency of your work. Additionally, by using a speaker phone to listen to audiobooks, view textbooks, and watch videos, you can keep yourself entertained while working. Overall, improving speaker phone use is a great way to get the most out of your device.