Five Businesses That Have Integrated Into the Metaverse

November 18, 2022
five businesses that have integrated into the metaverse

The Metaverse is more than a buzzword. We’ve seen some active use cases where businesses have used the Metaverse to communicate a type of service to customers. Among the use, cases are luxury items, virtual land ownership, and virtual concerts. A specific demographic has begun to use this space actively, and brands are aware of this. What does this say about your company?

It would be in your company’s best interest to find a way to connect to the Metaverse as soon as possible. What are the telltale signs, and are any businesses already begun to venture into the uncharted territory of the Metaverse? Yes, there are, but before we look at these prominent examples, let’s look at the Metaverse development company.

What Is The Metaverse?

In its most basic form, the Metaverse is a virtual world where users can simulate real-life activities such as socializing, working, trading, playing games, etc.

It is constructed with virtual and augmented reality technology, artificial intelligence, and 3D modeling. Many people believe it is the future of the internet. Some companies have taken the risky step of entering this space to gain clients and establish themselves as Metaverse pioneers.

Metaverse Integration

Companies Making Inroads into the Metaverse

Some businesses have recognized the enormous benefits that the Metaverse provides. These businesses have begun positioning themselves to get the essential advantage in this new environment. Here are five examples of companies doing just that.

  • Vuitton Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has a long history of elegance and perfection, and by entering this sector, the company has grabbed the bull by the horns. They devised a game to commemorate the founder’s 200th birthday. The protagonist of this video game is Vivienne, a mascot made by the brand monogram.

She investigates the digital world and travels to numerous intriguing sites worldwide to collect NFT candles. Players can collect 30 distinct NFTs, 10 of which were produced by Beeple, the artist whose digital collage sold for $69.3 million as an NFT at Christie’s. Each candle unveils a new chapter in Louis and his family’s journey.

The decision by Louis Vuitton to enter the game sector comes at an appropriate time. Why play video games? Many people ask why Louis Vuitton would enter the gaming sector because they are a fashion brand. According to Earth Web, the gaming business will be valued at more than $300 billion by 2022. With its expansion and the ubiquity of gaming within it, this business is not slowing down anytime soon.

  • Coca-Cola

When one of the world’s oldest and most dependable brand names decides to enter the Metaverse, you know something is up. Coca-Cola did not enter the Metaverse with a shabby project; they did so with flair. Coca-Cola made its Metaverse début in 2021 through Decentraland, auctioning off a collection of NFTs. They collaborated with Tafi to design their NFTs, which included virtual wearables. The Coca-Cola friendship box was also an offshoot of the company’s prized NFT vending machines.

When the package is opened, it reveals a Friendship Card inspired by 1940s trade cards, a Sound Visualizer that evokes the shared experience of drinking Coca-Cola, and a futuristic Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable. They even went beyond fashion by introducing their beverages. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte is the name of their drink. The Pixel Point world was then constructed by Fortnite Creative. Players can play games and enjoy many virtual flavors in this environment.

  • Gucci

Gucci, like Louis Vuitton, has established its claim to a Metaverse space. Nonetheless, they are doing it in a novel way, collaborating with ROBLOX to build an immersive world following the release of Garden Archetypes. The Gucci Garden is a virtual garden where you enter with your avatar and transform into a mannequin. Each mannequin takes in distinct elements from each room. You then walk from one room to the next as your dummy absorbs certain characteristics of each area, and by the end of the show, you have developed a distinct personality.

  • Hyundai

Many industries are claiming territory in the Metaverse, and Hyundai appears to represent the automobile industry. They took the game method for their first journey into this platform. Hyundai created the game “Hyundai Mobility Adventure,” which was presented on the ROBLOX Metaverse platform. They have stated that the game is a glimpse of how transportation could be fashioned in the Metaverse. Therefore, it extends beyond a basic game. They also have grand plans that allow reality to affect the Metaverse and vice versa.

A Multi-Kitchen Delivery Company Using Full-Stack Food Technology

This Arab firm is introducing consumers to new food options through this platform. It facilitates the consolidation of several kitchens onto a single Metaverse platform and provides clients with numerous choices. This corporation represents the food and beverage sector, similarly that Coca-Cola represents the soda industry.

Integrate your business with the Metaverse

You Can Do The Same For Your Company

If you want to integrate your business with the Metaverse, you must take the following steps:

  • Educate yourself: Investigate the companies developing effective Metaverse initiatives and their goals. Investigate the platforms that are also constructing the Metaverse’s technology.
  • Examine your business proposal: Do you have any concrete solutions for Metaverse residents?
  • Find the appropriate forum: Some platforms are far more suited to certain services than others. Conduct a thorough examination of its many platforms available and select the one that best suits your services.
  • Watch for new technologies: Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are inextricably linked to the Metaverse. In some circumstances, they become inextricably linked to certain Metaverse platforms, which is worth noting.
  • Collaborate with a reputable development firm: To get the most out of this platform, you must collaborate with a knowledgeable development team.


The Metaverse is a future technology, but the right positioning might be the difference between organizations that fail and businesses that succeed. To better position your company for the Metaverse, you’ll need a team of expert engineers, like Risingmax Inc who know their trade and are proficient in Metaverse consulting services.