Email Marketing: Tips and Strategies For Successful Campaigns

March 22, 2021
email marketing: tips and strategies for successful campaigns

Email Marketing

Email marketing is marketing a commercial message to a group of people to promote products, its loyalty and create brand awareness. The use of emails to promote your business products. Email marketing can make customers on the email list aware of the products and services, discounts that are being offered by you. It is being used to promote the business where businessmen can approach a number of customers with a single click of a button. It is using emails for developing relationships with potential customers.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Easy to create – It does not require a large team for its creation. Email campaigns can be created with templates, logos, and images. Some emails are created just by text email, using content as its important feature.
  • Easy to track – Email marketing is easier to spot and track to find out where we went wrong and can also be improved whereas print advertising would take time for its alteration.
  • Easy to share – People can share amazing deals with their friends by forwarding emails received at the click of a button.
  • Global – This way of marketing lets a businessman send a message to many people across the globe.
  • Speed – Email can be sent and received from anywhere in the world at a high speed in the blink of an eye.
  • Convenience –  Email marketing strategy is one of the crucial digital marketing strategies that can be used at the convenience of promoters. Emails can be sent at night/day or just sitting at home in bed.
  • Attachments – It is a file that is being sent along with the email message. Emails are a simple process to share important documents as email attachments. It is the easiest mode to share information with companies and clients.
  • Cost-effective – Email marketing is having low cost as compared to other forms of promotion. It does not involve any printing or postage costs. It doesn’t have any advertising charges.
  • Instant Impact –  A promoter can see immediate results of Emails that are being sent. If a sale is announced in the next 24 hours, the promoter can see the immediate results of Email marketing.

email marketing types

Different Forms of  Email Marketing Campaigns:

1. Email Newsletters

It is an email informing the customers about new products and services being offered by the company, new offers. These newsletters can be weekly, quarterly, or monthly.

2. Acquisition Emails

Emails can help small businesses to acquire new customers who have subscribed to receive emails from their business. New offers can be created to acquire new customers.

3. Retention Emails

These emails are sent for getting feedback from the customers. It is a form of retaining customers which is crucial for business growth. Sometimes a thanks email is sent or an email sent for seeking a suggestion from customers to improve its current sales.

4. Promotional Emails

Promotional Emails are impersonal and these are general emails providing details for different offers, discounts, and new product arrival announcements. These emails are used to boost sales.

5. Welcome Campaigns

These campaigns are about welcoming new customers who have been new to your mailing list. It is a way of maintaining good terms with the customer.

6. Awareness Campaign

Emails are used as a tool for creating brand awareness for the product. Brand awareness is creating insight into the brand.

7. Transaction Mails

Transaction emails are specific to transactions or orders made. These emails are related to order confirmation, shipping confirmation, updating accounts, or refunds. It is a kind of service message by the company.

email marketing platforms

Running a Successful Ad Campaign

The Ad Campaign is an email process that is sent from a business to one or more customers or future prospects. Successful email marketing campaigns lead to more sales. Email is being used by a number of people worldwide. It is the best tool that can be used by businessmen to increase their customers. A successful marketing campaign requires a number of steps to be followed, before sending an email.

Step1: Building a Relevant Email List for Target Clients

Before starting a campaign you need to finalize the list of target audience, which will be part of the program. The ideal process would be converting those leads who are visitors to your platform and potential subscribers in the near future.

Step2: Creating an Email Content

The Email content is a message that has been sent to the client, it should be very clear without any kind of confusing lines. Email sent to the customer should be having content that values them to be important.

Step3: Market Segmentation Emails

These Emails can be grouped in different types and it ultimately depends on the end objective of the campaign. The email can be sent for welcoming new customers, engaging/re-engaging with current customers with content or proposing a sale, order/purchase confirmations, or sending more targeted emails by segmenting the customer base.

Step4: Knowing Your Audience

You can use social media insights or gather data from other analytics tools to know the preference of your audience. The customer can be classified on the basis of demographics, interest, hobbies, and other possible data points. This is a very good initiating point for starting the whole activity.

Step5: Focus on the Problem

The ideal way to start your sales is to understand customer problems. Once the problem statement is identified, you can offer custom products or services and can elaborate on how the given product will be helpful in the resolution of the customer’s problems.

Step6: Specific Subject Matter

The subject matter of the Email should be specific and not misleading customers. The Email subject should be very specific and attractive so that you have customer attention. This will prompt customers to open the Email and they will be able to gather out offers and will make the ultimate purchase.

Step7: Final Content

The email content should be finalized factoring all the parameters and should be checked and proof checked, and thereafter should be sent for engaging customers and attracting new leads.


Email marketing is an online platform that is being used to create brand awareness. It is a tool being used for acquiring and retaining customers. The right form of an Email marketing campaign should be used to achieve the business mission. Through such campaigns, there could be enormous benefits to small businessmen yielding high revenues through greater sales. Attractive emails perceived by the customers lead to sharing the information with many more potential customers.