Cybersecurity: Definition, Types, Works and Why Is It Important?

May 15, 2021
cybersecurity: definition, types, works and why is it important?


Cybersecurity standards are the security guidelines enabling firms to practice safe security techniques to minimize cyber attacks. Cyber security is the implementation of processes and controls to protect computer systems, networks, devices, and data from cyber-attacks.

It is the security offered to protect our computer system from leakage of information. Cyber security attempts to lessen the amount of risk of cyber attacks or unauthorized access to the system. It is necessary to protect our data from theft and misuse of information. Cyber security also provides security from viruses.

Cyber security has increasing relevance in today’s world of reliance on technology for everything with increased usage of smart gadgets like smartphones, wifi connected houses used in the house as lights, and locks that are internet with things, security is important. All the individual devices connected via the internet provide an access point to the hackers. Hackers who gain access to the wifi-enabled home get all the access to the data of the user.

Three Key Components in Cyber Security

These three important components are people, process, and Technology:

People – People play an important role in cyber security, no matter how many rules have been made but if these are not followed then you are at risk. Human errors make huge mistakes so people need to be cautious.

Processes – A proper process is set up to identify threats to protect important information. Referring to a proper document can save a company’s time to protect important information.

Technology – The technology on which data is stored needs protection, like computers, gadgets, and networks. So these instruments should be protected securely through Application security, Internet of Things security, and network security.

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber Security Threats

Consequent threats in the cyber world and their resolution have importance in today’s era due to growing dependence on technology such as wifi, and Bluetooth, and the growing use of smart systems, smartphones, and televisions.

Cyber security threat refers to unlawful access to user data through malicious software. Cybersecurity threats can be of the following kinds:-

  • Malware

This is unwanted software that causes unwanted damage to the computer. This activates by clicking on the attachment file. Malware attacks transmit information to the other party through web Browsing. Malware types are Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Viruses, and Worms.

  • Social Engineering/Password Attacks

It uses social tricks to reveal access to secured information. By gaining access to the right password, the attacker gets important information. Sometimes the user gets an email like “You have won a prize” and important information is revealed by the user.

  • Phishing

This is one of the other ways employed by hackers to steal personal information from you. This is done by sending an email to the user and then by clicking on the link it takes users to the fake website imitating mail to be a useful one and if any information is disclosed there then that turns out to be a theft.

  • SQL Injection

SQL injection is a technique used by attackers which results in inserting malicious code in the server using SQL code. The technique of SQL injection can be different but aims at a single vulnerability in the application.

  • Emotet

Emotet is spread through spam emails. The infection comes through malicious scripts. It is through mimicking the same kind of email formatting of known companies to convince the end user.

  • Denial of Service

As the name suggests the denial of service is the type of attack where an application or computer system cannot serve the request. Under this type of cyber attack, the attacker floods the computer or network so it cannot respond to authentic requests. The severe version of DOS is DDOS (distributed DOS), where the attack is facilitated by using multiple computers. The attacker can use a variety of tools and techniques to carry out the attack. BOTS are one of those forms, which overwhelm target processing speed.

  • Man in the Middle

This type of attack occurs when communication is carried out in unsecured networks. The hacker hides in the middle of a two-party communication and can modify and steal the data in the process.

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Forms For Providing Cybersecurity

  • Application Security: The website or application should be secured and be audited by third parties to plug potential vulnerabilities. This is the process by which apps are made secure through security features inside the applications.
  • Cloud Security: It is a set of policies, processes, and procedures, which protects virtual data, hardware, and other applicable services. It is the responsibility that is being shared by the cloud service provider and user.
  • Internet of Things Security: Usage of Tools to protect insecure communication and storage. Providing security features to every gadget that is security features including laptops, mobile phones, bulbs, etc.
  • Network Security: It is the configuration done by the user to protect the computer network both the hardware and software which can be done by VPN, Firewall, Network segmentation, etc.
  • Password Security: Enforcement of policies to ensure that a minimum acceptable password is selected by the end user. This will include a combination of Capital and small letters along with numbers and special characters.
  • Critical Infrastructure Security

a) DNS Filtering: it is the process of blocking certain sites which may be a potential threat.

b) Malware & Antivirus Protection: Usage of updated software on endpoints for Malware and antivirus attacks.

c) Firewalls: It is a device that is usually attached at the terminating point of the network. It monitors the network traffic and blocks certain requests based on the policy set in the system.

d) Email Security Solutions: usage of policies and procedures for Data encryption, antivirus control, filtering spam based on predefined rules, and controlling the images and other types of data.


Safe systems are those that are switched off and unplugged, so in this smart world of gadgets, one has to pay attention to everything and act smartly. Cyber security is important to protect data from Attackers. In case security is not used then our networks and systems are hacked by the hackers and they use our confidential information. Continuous education should be provided to the students regarding how they can use the security system.