Best Smart Home Devices & Systems That Are Worth Every Penny

July 17, 2022
best smart home devices & systems that are worth every penny

There has been a great deal of conversation nowadays about connected devices enabled in a smart home. There are several options available to choose from and make a smart home. Smartphones control all the smart home devices remotely through a network. Home automation gives us control of our home by automating appliances, audio systems, and security systems.

Need for Smart Home Devices

  • Saves energy by installing automatic lights in our homes as per our requirement
  • Improves accessibility from wherever we want and easy control power in our hands
  • Provides convenience to use lights remotely, operate gadgets
  • Provides security through smarter locks and cameras

To make our home the smartest, here are a few picks for gadgets that are worth investing in for a smarter home:

1. Google Home

Google Home is a set of applications along with supported voice-controlled devices, which helps you set up and control Google Nest or Home speakers/displays, and Chromecast. There are a variety of smart home devices such as smart lights, Wi-Fi cameras, and many more which can be controlled by Google Home. It supports varieties of features like setting up daily reminders, pushing notifications, and voice-based internet searches.

Also, they can be used for other integration like controlling smart homes, playing favorite music from the internet, calling friends, and so on. Google Home supports voice-based recognition and hence can help in parsing commands from each family member with the option of setting up individual user accounts. It can also be integrated with payments and can buy anything with voice commands.

2. Smart Lighting System

Smart lighting is an improved way to switch on the lights in our homes when we are not at home. These bulbs have their own app and this app is connected through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It automates the control in the hands of users remotely through their smartphones. Home lights are managed efficiently. Smart bulbs can be installed in the existing power socket in our home and these bulbs are operated by smartphones. Lights can be even set up to lighter or brighter ones as per the requirement. Even bulbs have a feature of changing their color and this can be done just by click-through an app on a phone. Smart bulbs make life easy and convenient.

3. Smart Doorbell

Users can install smart doorbells in their homes to make a smarter home. Smart doorbells are connected via the Internet. When a guest arrives near the door, it notifies the homeowner through a Smartphone. The doorbell is activated by visitors pressing the bell or by a motion sensor as the visitor reaches the door. With the video doorbell, the user can communicate with the visitor and can see who has come to the house. These doorbells also come in a battery-operated way, which need not be electrically connected.

Smart Security Camera

4. Smart Security Camera

Smart cameras connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi. These cameras are used to look at your homes when you are away. The outside cameras can be used for surveillance of outsiders’ activity. We can prevent any theft if we are properly monitoring the cameras by watching a live camera recording. We can get alerts on our mobile phones when we are away from our house for any suspicious activity.

5. Smart Thermostat

With the installation of a smart thermostat in the home, one can save a lot of money with the smart device being installed. Smart thermostats control the heating for various devices like home boilers, heaters, ACs, etc. The temperature can be controlled through a Wi-Fi connection. Everybody wants to lower their energy usage. Smart thermostats help in adjusting the temperature for your various devices and help you save the cost. These devices can be controlled through voice instructions or with the phone.

6. Smart TV

Smart TV is connected to the Internet and helps you to see online content through various apps whether it is YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, Disney Hot Star, and many more. The older version of TVs can be made smarter by installing an additional fire stick, and all the apps can be operated via the single fire stick remote. When your smart TV is to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, the user has to enter login details that are Wi-Fi passwords. After Smart TV is connected to the internet, the user can watch the online content through various preinstalled apps.

7. Smart Vacuum

An automated vacuum cleaner is a great investment in the home. It saves a lot of time when the same work is done manually; no doubt, the cost of a robot cleaner is high. These cleaners are compact and take up less space. If vacuum cleaners do proper cleaning, the owner can use their time to do other activities. Robots vacuum cleaners have sensors, they can detect the areas to be cleaned and also hazards in the way. Sensors are used for space navigation.

8. Smart Washing Machines

Machines connected to Wi-Fi networks can be operated through our phones. Washing machines can be set from a remote distance by using an app. One can also track the laundry cycle, and even schedule laundry when you are away from the house.

At last, we can say that the technological world is rapidly changing and how we want to change our lifestyle with these smart home devices is by recognizing our needs. The cost of these gadgets is really high, and it depends on how smart we want to make our home. Life becomes pretty easy when the gadgets are being installed in a home and one can operate by smartphone in their hand. These smart home devices can also fool burglars and give them the illusion of you being in your home when you are away.