7 Reasons Why Tablets Are Better Than Your Smartphone

April 20, 2023
7 reasons why tablets are better than your smartphone

Smartphones and Tablets are marketed in the market with a separate set of uses. Which one to be purchased among both depends on budget, and usage by the person. Smartphones are much handier in size but some are costlier than tablets.

With the popularity of technology and internet devices, people are inclined more toward tablets than smartphones for their daily work needs. Tablets have more advantages of using it than smartphones. Tablets are the ideal solution for doing work on the go. These tablets provide a portable way of doing business. Doing business from anywhere is much more convenient while carrying tablets than carrying bulky laptops or smaller phones for display. Tablets can be customized as per business needs and can be operated with ease from anywhere.

Battery backup for tablets is more and enables people to create PowerPoint presentations on the go and is definitely more presentable than smartphones. Composing music and editing files can be done from anywhere.

Thinking of purchasing a tablet for your important tools for working devices? Here are a few important points one can consider.

Smartphone vs. Tablet- Which One is Better?

Tablet vs Smartphone

1. Great Battery Life

Tablets have more battery life than smartphones. Tablets batteries are more durable as they are twice the size of a smartphone battery. The bigger the size of the battery, the better the device’s longevity. A single charge can last tablets for more than two days. One can try playing games on tablets and smartphones and can see the difference in both for their battery life.

budget friendly

2. Cost Considerations

Tablets are less costly than smartphones. Both have comparatively the same features but mobile phones are much hiked in cost. One can cut their budget cost by purchasing tablets instead of smartphones. One can manage their work smoothly while traveling with tablets which would be difficult to do on smartphones. It can be the best choice for users who want to cut the cost of smartphones. Smartphones are double priced as tablets.

Better Gaming Performance

3. Better Gaming Performance and Screen Size for Videos

The bigger screen size of tablets offers a better gaming experience than gaming on smartphones. Tablets offer a greater audiovisual experience to gamers. Quality of experience is great when it is being played on bigger screens. Smartphones are always limited in size compared to tablets. Tablets tend to give a better multimedia experience be it watching online videos or enjoying a shopping experience with better and bigger displays for products.

Larger screens are always an added advantage for people’s visual experience and tablets offer the same. It is about screen size between smartphones and tablets, smartphones are always limited in size. Relatively Tablets edge out smartphones by a greater margin. They come in screen sizes of 7 to 10 inches and even more. Smartphones come in 4 inches and more. They are meant to be pocket size.

Great Learning Device for Kids

4. A Great Learning Device for Kids and Adults

Looking out for a learning device or having fun on a bigger screen tablet is always attractive to kids and youth. Tablets are better for learning, reading e-books, e-learning by kids, and attending online classes with better visual experience on larger displays. Kids can do their educational projects on these gadgets.

Educational institutions prefer to give various additional courses classes online, attending such classes on bigger screens offers greater and better learning for kids than same attending on smartphones which will always be smaller in size. E-readers can get bigger screens for their E-reading than reading on a smaller Smartphone screen that would require glasses for adults. They can access the E-library with access to multiple books at one go.

Video Calls

5. Better Video Calls and Multimedia Experience

Talking to someone on video calls has a better experience on tablets than doing a video call on smartphones. If we talk about the status of anyone, talking on video calls through tablets has a good impression. Doing a conference with clients also looks much more professional with tablets.

A larger screen size is great for social networking, and video chatting. Tablet size supports a bigger sensor light and its screen space provides for better and comprehensive editing and better call experience.

Larger Display

6. Better than Smartphones in Actual Work with the Larger Display

Tablets having larger displays give more space to do the work in Microsoft Office, excel sheets, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Tab gives more space area than smartphones to perform the task. The tablet can perform most of the functions of a laptop and smartphone. Tablets allow taking photos, and shooting videos and provide a bigger screen display for videos and photos.

Tablet Give Access to Multiple Applications

7. Tablets Give Access to Multiple Applications

Tablets provide access to multiple applications that are difficult to operate on Smartphone which is comparatively smaller than a tablet. Tablets can compose music, edit files, browse eBooks, helps in reading, and provide learning for kids. Smartphone size is a limitation for kids and adults who require a bigger screen for reading.

Kids can enjoy their gaming on bigger screens than watching movies and playing games on smaller dimensional smartphones. Smartphones are sophisticated but will always remain smaller in size. It’s better to enjoy multimedia on a bigger screen and even at a low cost than spending a high cost on a smartphone with a smaller screen. Multiple applications are difficult to run on smartphones.

Concluding It

The massive display size will always be an added advantage for users when they want to read the content or watch videos and play games on a larger screen. Comparatively, the tablet can be used for all work-related tasks that are difficult to do on smartphones. Tablets even cost low to users and have a good status symbol when one carries them in their hand for work. Tablets have a large battery and have more backup than smartphones.


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