5 Simple Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly

November 14, 2022
5 simple ways to make your wordpress website mobile-friendly

The number of internet users is increasing rapidly, which is a great thing because business can grow their revenue by turning these users into sales on their websites. But you might not be able to take advantage of that growing user base if your WordPress website isn’t mobile-friendly!

Yes! You heard it right. A mobile-friendly website is a must nowadays when most people surf the internet through their mobile phones. You will miss out on a lot of potential web traffic if you don’t optimize your website for mobile phones.

I’m sure you don’t want to lose a great amount of traffic and must be eager to optimize your WordPress website for mobile phones. To help you with that we have brought some simple ways to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly in this blog.  So, read this blog and stay tuned till the end.

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Steps To Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-friendly

Install A Mobile Responsive WordPress Theme

Installing the best responsive WordPress themes on your website is the easiest way to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly. Various free and best premium WordPress themes are available on the official WordPress website.

A responsive and mobile-optimized theme will help to make your WordPress website look great on a mobile screen and make it convenient for the users to navigate through your website. Try out your hands on different free and premium themes for WordPress websites and choose the one that resonates greatly with your site’s content and looks appealing to the eyes.

Use AMP Plugins

Imagine you’ve embedded a lot of elements and media on your WordPress website to make it look good and attract visitors. Well, it will work but at the cost of your website’s loading time because the excessive elements on your website will take more time to load and process.

To help you with that, AMP plugins come into the picture. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages, it reduces the loading time of your website on mobile devices by removing excessive page elements and media taking more time to load.

You just have to install the plugin, run it after installation and let it boost the loading time and mobile-friendliness of your website.

Minimal Use of Onscreen Popups

I think many of us will relate to the situation when we desperately look for the close button to turn off that annoying onscreen pop-up ad. Using a pop-up violates Google’s mobile-friendly standards hence it can affect the ranking of your WordPress website badly.

In addition to that, the pop-ups will negatively impact the user-friendliness of your WordPress website and lead to an increased bounce rate. Hence it is advised not to use pop-ups to keep your website mobile friendly. If it is necessary for you to use a pop-up then get its shape and size optimized so it will not disturb the web traffic.

Use A Readable Font

The content on your website’s webpage looks different on various devices hence the font size that seems perfect on a desktop will not look the same on a mobile screen. So, it is important to optimize the font size to make it look easy both on a mobile screen.

Font size smaller than 12px is difficult to read from mobile devices because of this many users have to zoom in to see the content on the screen. Using a font size of at least 16px can help visitors easily view and interact with the content on your WordPress website.

Provide Desktop View Switch

Well, no matter how perfectly you have optimized your website for mobile devices, there might be a moment when the users will be having a hard time loading your site on mobile due to some issues. For such a scenario you can look forward to adding a feature for switching to a desktop view.

The desktop view feature will allow your web traffic to switch from the mobile to the desktop layout of your WordPress in seconds. It will give them the option to keep surfing your website even if there’s an issue loading the website on their mobile devices.

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How To Check If Your WordPress Website is Mobile Friendly or Not

It is very easy to find out whether your WordPress website is mobile-friendly or not. You just have to visit the mobile-friendly test website provided by Google. After visiting you have to enter the URL on which you have to carry out the test and then click on the run test button.

Google will analyze your website and tell you whether your WordPress website is mobile-friendly or not.

Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Before heading to how to make your WordPress mobile-friendly, let’s look at the benefits you will get after optimizing your WordPress website for mobile phones.

Reach A Larger User Base

Most people browse the internet through their mobile phones as it is much more convenient and user-friendly. If you have a mobile-friendly website then you can easily target that huge user base. You can showcase your products on your WordPress website to them and make them your next customers.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

As we discussed earlier, the majority of users surf the internet through their mobile phones. Hence search engines love mobile-friendly websites to provide great information to their users with excellent user experience.

Search engines like Google give priority to websites having a mobile-friendly design over websites with a non-responsive design. That’s why picking a mobile-friendly design gives your WordPress website an edge over other websites and increases the chances of getting ranked higher in the SERPs.

Boosts the Engagement Rate and SEO

A mobile-friendly and responsive design looks great on small screens like mobile phones, tablets, and even on smartwatches. It makes it easy for the user to navigate through your website instead of being confused about the difficult layout.

Due to this, the user automatically spends a lot of time, visiting multiple pages on your WordPress website. Hence it results in to increase in the engagement rate and a decrease in the bounce rate of your WordPress website. SEO hacks and the boosted engagement rate put a good impact on your WordPress website and help to improve your search rankings.

Final Thoughts

Mobile traffic is not going to vanish instead it will increase more in the coming years. Hence if you are a business or an organization that wants to improve your reach, and increase revenue then having a mobile-friendly website is a must these days.

I’m sure you must have got an idea of how you can make your WordPress website mobile-friendly through this blog post. Make sure to run the mobile-friendly test on your website frequently in case you have made any changes to the site’s elements. It will help you to analyze whether any added component is preventing your site from reaching that massive mobile traffic.

So, what are you waiting for buddy? Go and start your journey of making your WordPress website mobile-friendly.